Wednesday, September 19, 2012

a girl goes to fashion night out instagram style

magical is the only word to describe last night.  everything from the costumes people were wearing (some with masks!), the doggies these italian ladies had, to the wonky little fashion cab golf carts, the twirlies that lighted up the night sky, and the free champagne the stores just gave out (... too bad i don't drink! i love free things...)  the general splendor was fabulous just to take in.  vogue here in florence certainly doesn't disappoint.

in true mama fashion i picked up a few things for my little, snapped tons of pictures, and successfully navigated the public transportation system there and back all by myself.  drew taught me enough italian to be dangerous just in case i ran into any trouble.  so if you need anyone to "break your face"  in italian i'm your girl.  too bad nights like these only come around once a year...


  1. Fun for you. What is fashion night? Is it a kick off for a new season? A sales night? Glad you had fun.

    1. it's a night that vogue puts on where all the stores stay open late. there are some special promotions, sales, collection items, and other what not that go on.