Thursday, December 6, 2012

oh christmas tree

i feel like our christmas has had an awfully late start just getting home from italy and all.  our christmas tree just got put out this afternoon.... i mean, there's only 17 days left until the big day!  we're totally feeling like slackers.

  we decided to forgo our fake christmas charlie brown tree this year and opted for the wall hanging and pine candle route.  you know, since our apartment is itty bitty and i could see winnie lapping up the water in the tree stand and eating all the pine needles.  

this place is starting to feel all cheery (it's about time!).  
^^all we need now are brown paper packages tied up with string to put underneath ^^

{tree idea here}


  1. Super cute! I love the ornaments too.

  2. hahahahaha really? you guys did not put up a wall hanging of a Christmas tree . . .